Become a member

Wool Industries Australia Inc. (WIA) represents Australia as the Australian National Committee on the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO).

It provides members with an opportunity to have input and a voice in Australia’s role in the international wool industry.

With virtually all industry sectors as members, WIA can be regarded as the peak wool industry body in Australia and is used for addressing major local and international issues.

Being a member includes:

  • Keep up to date with local and international news
  • Gain access to member rates at IWTO Congress and other events
  • Be part of both international and local Working Groups
  • Have access to member resources and links to other organisations

Don’t get left behind, get involved and know what will impact your business.

Becoming a member of WIA not only gives you a voice in National and International wool, but unique access to services, forums, opportunities and expertise across the industry from wool growing to retail.

For further information on membership please contact the Secretary.