2021 Recipients

WIA congratulates the Australian Wool Industry Medal 2021 recipients.


Mr Ken Stock, Leading Charitable Services to Industry

Ken Stock is well known in the wool industry as an exporter for over 50 years.  He spent some time with Fox & Lillie and later went into partnership with Graeme Kellet and John Allen.

He runs this own business Stockwool trading scoured and carbonised wool.

Over the years he became good friends with Michael Manion.  Michael was known for his willingness to provide support and share his knowledge with younger members of the trade.  Unfortunately, Michael passed away in July 2014.

Michael’s passing inspired his colleagues to form the Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation in 2015 as an ongoing legacy of the man he was supporting the greater wool and agricultural industry.

He is a very proud Chairman of the Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation.  The Foundation has run many fundraising events and funds go back to supporting rural families in need. 

   Ken Stock



Mr Kenneth Dyson, Private Treaty and WA Interests

 In 1979, Ken along with his brother Terry established Dyson Wools.  What started out as a private wool merchant business quickly grew into a large wool marketing company in WA which sold wool privately, at auction and directly overseas.

He was Managing Director up to his retirement in 2005.

Ken was heavily involved with the Private Treaty Wool Merchants.  He held the position of Chairman of the Western Australian Sector of the Private Treaty Wool Merchants of Australia and later the National body of the Private Treaty Wool Merchants.

He represented the Western Australian wool growers in the Australian Wool Corporation reserve price years and travelled to Canberra on many occasions representing WA.

He supported country footy through his business Dyson Wools.

Ken was and is always well respected in the wool industry sharing his knowledge and skills with others.



 Ken Dyson AWIM 2021


Mr John Lewis, Representing Industry Interests Nationally & Internationally

John has been involved in many parts of the wool industry pipeline, shared his time, knowledge and expertise without hesitation. Even when he retired he continued on in many roles and was well respected and still is in the wool industry.

He was a former Divisional Manager, AWTA Ltd Product Testing and former Managing Director, Macquarie Textiles. 

During 2004-05 he was the Australian Wool Processors Council (AWPC) President and represented AWPC as an AWTA Director during that time.

He was appointed by FAWO as a Trustee for the Australian Wool Education Trust in 2004 and was in this role until November 2021.

During 2005-10 he was the Chairman of the Federation of Australian Wool Organisations In his role as Chairman and representing the Australian wool industry, he led a committee into China and initiated the China Australia Joint Working Group in 2007. Through FAWO he coordinated the Australian contribution towards the IWTO Test Marketing Campaign.

Once he stepped down as FAWO Chairman he continued on as the FAWO Arbitration Chairman and then with WIA. 

His knowledge and experience in business, arbitration and dispute resolution ensured that Australian exporters  were well represented when it came to disputes with overseas customers.

He developed many overseas connections in  the UK, Italy, China, India and by attending the IWTO congresses.

In his retirement he has given up his time freely to assist and mentor others in the wool industry. 



John Lewis AWIM 2021a