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Michael and Cathy Blakes’ wool bale sells for charity

A specially decorated wool bale donated by ­Michael and Cathy Blake of Ballyglunin Park, at Hamilton, has been auctioned for charity.



The specially decorated wool bale was donated by ­Michael and Cathy Blake of Ballyglunin Park, at Hamilton, with all proceeds going to the Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation.

The wool, which was paddock grown and shorn at 8½ months, had a fibre diameter of 18.6 microns, yield of 72.1 per cent, a staple length of 71mm and strength of 60 Newtons per kilotex.

The bale was auctioned by Fox and Lillie Rural in Melbourne last week and was bought by Andy Raeber of New England Wool on behalf of Italian spinner Successori Reda Spa, for 2204c/kg clean. The bale weighed 132kg and grossed $2112 for the charity.

Mr Blake said he was “honoured” to the receive the FAWO Australian Wool Industry Medal last year and he wanted to say thank you to the trade in a “practical way” so decided a charity bale was suitable.

The Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation is a reach-out support service for rural families or children in need, due to illness or accidents.

“Cathy and I are very much aware of not only the personal stresses but also the financial restrictions that families face when confronted with extended needs,” Mr Blake said.

But what made the bale even more special was the fact the Blakes’ four grandchildren Edward and Lucinda Blake and Jasmine and Lachy Mahoney decorated the bale.

“We had to post the wool pack across to Perth and then Adelaide so all four grandchildren could decorate it. They had an absolute ball drawing on the wool bale in their favourite colours and became even more enthusiastic once they found out what it was for,” he said.

“After their parents explained what the idea was about, they were left to create the pictures using their individual imaginations and I believe the images encompass the Michael Manion Wool Industry Foundation.”