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February 2021

Press Release: AWH Australia Launches RFID/QR Electronic Identification Capability.

AWH, Australia’s leading wool logistics supplier, handles around 60% of the national wool clip sold at auction and provides export packing and dumping services via its national warehousing network.

AWH will soon be launching an electronic bale identification system incorporating the use of an AWEX-agreed, international standard RFID/QR tag, enabling the eventual tracking of greasy wool through the supply chain, from farm gate to early-stage processor.

To expedite delivery of this identification system to the market, AWH will initially introduce electronic tags at the point of packing for export.

The tag will facilitate the provision of greasy wool specification data via an electronic packing list, allowing AWH to offer a superior service to wool exporters preparing consignments and, ultimately, to early-stage processors.

It is important to note that no data will be carried on the electronic tag. Data from the AWH packing house, plus data that the exporter chooses to provide, will be combined into an electronic file, suitable for importing into the IT system of an early-stage processor.

Significantly, there will be no charge to the exporter for the new electronic bale identification system.

Digitalisation of the physical bale handling process has the potential to create significant advantages for wool industry participants by allowing richer information to be passed electronically through the pipeline, reducing the need for manual data entry, whilst delivering operational efficiencies.

AWH anticipates a high level of interest in the technology from major early-stage wool processors of Australian wool and is also holding discussions with industry participants in New Zealand and South Africa.

“We recognise that this may not be for every processing mill, but the opportunities for those that choose to endorse this technology will be great” says David Mitchell, National Wool Manager of AWH.

The new technology has been designed to complement AWEX’s promotion of electronic wool classer specifications and tags on farm via their WoolClip and eBale programs. Once established in its packing house network, AWH will introduce the technology into its broader wool handling operations.

In time, AWH expects to ’connect’ with the AWEX electronic tag system from farm gate, at which stage AWH will retire its physical tag in favour of the AWEX in-bale tag.

This ‘two-pronged’ approach is a great example of Australian wool industry participants working collaboratively to deliver greater efficiencies in the logistics supply chain.

Further opportunities for the electronic identification technology include traceability back to origin of the physical wool, the capability to electronically locate and identify wool within a warehouse, and the ability for a mill to electronically mark blend codes on greasy wool prior to scouring.




One of Australia largest Wool Stores, AWH Gilman - South Australia - showing street racking storage of greasy wool ready for sale & export – this street is holding approx. 2,500 bales or 250 ton of clean wool.

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