Industry News

AWEX are pleased to provide the attached first edition of the AWEX & AWTA “National Wool Declaration Test & Auction data” report.  This report is a collaboration between AWEX and AWTA and compares data from the Australian Wool Exchange auction sales database to tested-wool statistics as provided by the Australian Wool Testing Authority on a monthly and YTD basis. 

The data from each source is based on “P” and “D” certificates only.  Certificate types denoting multi-sourced wool are excluded given the difficultly in verifying the Mulesing Status on these lines.

The statistics from each data source will vary as there is often a timing difference between when wool is tested (AWTA) & when wool is offered at auction (AWEX) in any month.

The Auction data has been subject to the NWD Integrity Program audits and verification.  

This report will be published monthly after the release of the monthly AWTA Key Test Data, typically by the 10th day of each month.

Download the PDF here