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The First Meeting between Chairs of China-Australia Joint Working Group on Wool in 2018

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  On February 6, 2018, David Michell (forth from the left), the chair of China-Australia Joint Working Group on Australian side and also the chair of Michell International Pty.,Ltd., and his general manager in China zone, Liang Yu (fifth from the right), visited the Nanjing Wool Market. Yang Xiaoxiong (sixth from the right), the chair of China-Australia Joint Working Group on China side and also the chair Nanjing Wool Mark, together with her team showed the warmest welcome. Both sides have had an in-depth exchange on their recent works.

   Mr. Michell said that Australian attention has focused on the CIQ operations. So far, a lot of money has been invested in animal epidemic prevention project. Once the epidemic occurs, the authorities-concerned will take actions to find the source and stop it in time. They will never allow events like the South African Rift Valley Fever (wool export to China was forbidden during that time) been happen again. Ms. Yang also stressed if epidemic did happen, it must be reported to China and Australia Joint Working Group as soon as possible, and after a bilateral exchange, Nanjing Wool Market will report the situation to the leadership of the CIQ at the right time. This issue will be discussed again at the next Chinese and Australian Joint Working Group Conference. 

   Both sides also discussed the proposal if Australian wool auction could recess for one week for Chinese Spring Festival. Mr. Michell said that he will take this into consideration and need to consult it with the FAWO.

   Concerning the recent wool market, Ms. Yang pointed out that there was very small demand for coarse wool and the price was low while the fine wool has always been a luxury. Given the cost being high, the fabric composition will be diversified, the low price coarse wool would be considered. Online shops, discount shops and other impacts will push the local shops evolved into an experience shop. Ms. Yang also showed Mr. Michell the Wool and Special Fiber Products Promotion Station. He selected a cost- effective cashmere coat for his wife as a gift, and he spoke highly of concept of the Promotion Station that “opening up the whole industry chain”. Nanjing Wool Market will always be on the way of wool promotion and gives consumers high quality wool products.

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