WoolProducers "Trust in Australian Wool" Handbook  - download here


IWTO Specifications for Wool Sheep Welfare

Wool Review Issue 4

2019 Wool Industries Australia (Formally Federation of Australian Wool Organisations) held a Forum at 2019 Wool Week themed

"Volatile Market Place & Drought in 2019"

Presentations from the forum can be found below:

Australian Wool Exchange - Mark Grave & Paul Swan 

National Council of Wool Selling Brokers of Australia - Chris Wilcox

AWH Pty Ltd - David Mitchell

AWH Pty Ltd - Days in Storage Graph

Australian Council of Wool Exporters & Processors - Matt Hand

Australian Wool Innovation - Nigel Gosse

Australian Wool Innovation - Australian wool supply continues despite drought - The Woolmark Company Video

Country Road - Scott Fyfe

Country Road - A Good Yarn Video

International Wool Textile Organisation & China Joint Working Group - David Michell


AWI and FAWO have developed an online Biosecurity Risk Assessment Tool to assist post-farm wool handling facilities to identify the biosecurity strengths and weaknesses within their business.

Promote wool's properties on Instagram with IWTO and GreenroomVoice brochure

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How the FMD Ready Project will use Agricultural Innovation Systems

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A Guide to Completing the EAD Preparedness Plan Template for Wool Handling Facilities

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National Wool RD&E Strategy 2017-2022

The Code of Practice for the preparation of Australian Wool Clips (COP)

National Wool Declaration (NWD)

Wool Buying in Australia 2014 – Introduction to the Australian Wool Market

IWTO Specifications for Wool Sheep Welfare

IWTO Green Wool Facts The Wool Industry & The Environment

Responding to the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance

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AWTA – Wool Testing Fact Sheet 2002
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Preparing your business to survive an EAD outbreak April 2014
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Emergency Animal Disease Preparedness RD & E Strategy 2016-2019
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Wool Biosecurity: Australian Case Study on Outbreak Preparedness and Risk Assessment

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Traceability of Wool in Australia

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Federation of Australian Wool Organisations received the 2014 Biosecurity Award for work in preparation of an exotic disease incursion in Australia.

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Caring for Wool – Woolmark care program and guide

IWTO Blue Book – April 2014
The International Agreements contained in this publication apply to international contracts covering transactions and arbitration in all products of the wool textile industry, including: greasy, scoured, carbonised or skin wool, and fine and coarse animal hairs; tops, carded sliver, noils and other by-products of wool and/or other fibres; worsted and woollen yarns of wool and/or other fibres; and fabrics of wool and/or other fibres.
To obtain a copy or for more information please contact the FAWO Secretary

IWTO White Book – IWTO Regulations 2015 edition
Includes the latest IWTO Test Regulations for raw wool, scoured or carbonized wool, wool tops, sliver, IWTO Certificates and fabric labelling code of practice for Super “S” and “S” descriptions.
To obtain a copy or for more information please contact the FAWO Secretary

IWTO Red Book – Specifications 2015 edition
Download the Index of IWTO Specifications: Test Methods and Draft Test Methods
To obtain the full copy or for more information please contact the FAWO Secretary